Member Benefits

Our practice groups, RiskProNet’s circles of excellence, are the heart of our organization and the key to the exchange of best practices information. Members in various specialties have regular teleconferences to keep abreast of news and to share best practices. Some groups have annual meetings where members can meet their peers face to face.

RiskProNet also provides online tools to share the specialized expertise of its diverse members:

  • Member directory including designated employees
  • Blog with the latest information for independent brokers
  • Practice group pages
  • Group email lists
  • Online subscribe and unsubscribe to specialty lists
  • Market assistance function query of marketing managers
  • Broadcast email distribution tools

Many companies and organizations prefer brokers who have strong local roots in their communities. A local RiskProNet broker provides a real alternative to multi-national brokers that too often assign junior-level people to accounts. RiskProNet brokers, by comparison, provide seasoned insurance leadership to their clients, while using the power of the network for access to insurance markets anywhere.