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Best Ways to Handle Claims Servicing

Assigning a claims service person to a specific client – as opposed to allocating assignments by the type of claims — works best, RiskProNet members agreed at the recent Claims Practice Group teleconference.

Members discussed a recent survey, with data ranging from the number of people in the claims department to software used to manage claims.

 “We try to create a relationship between the claims department and our clients. We don’t really have specialists. If we did, we would have two or three different people working with the same client. We’d rather have a client talk to the same person every time. We learn how the client operates, and the client learns how we operate. Our approach is to create a long-term relationship that will have benefits beyond the sales and underwriting process.”

 Saving money for clients

“We review the x-mod on workers comp for our largest clients and often find errors. For some reason, reviewing the report is not a normal process for most of our competitors. There’s no secret sauce; it’s literally just doing it. We save clients millions of dollars and four points on the average. Something like this can make a big difference for you and your agency.  It’s a lot of fun to get an email saying, ‘Thank you for saving me $27,000 because you made sure the claim was closed and you pushed refilling.’”

Additional comments

“There is quite a variation in terms of the number of people assigned to claims. It makes us wonder what services other people are offering that we aren’t. If we take out life and benefit, the spread narrows.”


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