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2018 Trends: Standing Desks, Chatbots + More

Standing desks, healthful snacks and a focus on overall well-being are among the wellness trends for 2018. Here’s what members of the Wellness Practice Group are seeing:

  • An interest in turning wellness programs into a profit center.
  • We’re seeing a shift from wellness to overall well-being. We’re focusing on more than weight loss and cessation of tobacco use.
  • Are people getting enough sleep, for example? Sleep deprivation can affect both productivity and health. Flexible hours can help people accommodate their personal sleeping schedules.
  • Artificial intelligence software and chatbots can make wellness information available 24/7.
  • Vending machines offering healthful snacks are popular. Employees can use payroll deduction or credit cards to purchase snacks.
  • We’re trying to get away from the stigma attached to mental health programs. We want to discuss what people need to bring to the workplace to be successful and productive
  • One practice group member is using Real Appeal weight loss program, although there is a concern as to whether some of the programs are too elementary.

Standing desks are believed to promote health. However, additional space for the large desks is an issue.

From a practice group conference call of Jan 8, 2018


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