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Wellness Includes Financial Well-Being

Financial well-being should be a part of wellness programs, participants in RiskProNet’s Wellness Practice Group agreed at a recent teleconference.

In terms of specific financial well-being programs, members have had good experiences with representatives of MetLife and Prudential, who will speak without a fee and were informative without being “salesy.” Comment: “Our representative simply passed around a sheet and asked people to sign up if they wanted a free consultation.”

Participation has been good, with no one expressing concern that attending the presentation might be seen as evidence that they are having financial troubles. “We always tell employees we hope they will come and take one positive thing away. We offer a free lunch.”

“We look at hitting all generations,” one person said. “We have young people with college debts, families with young children, families coping with college expenses and older employees who have insufficient funds for retirement after raising children.”

Physical Wellness Programs

Here are some of the comments on more traditional wellness programs.

“Fitbit’s corporate programs cost in the range of $10,000 annually and appear to be designed for really large groups. We are looking at pooling our clients to see if we can offer Fibit programs that way. Right now we create a private group within the online Fitbit community.”

“We work with nonprofits and retirement homes with many minimum wage employees. We purchased 100 Fitbits and loan them to their employees, asking them to sign a statement that they will pay for them if they lose them.”

“Free flu shots can be a draw to get employees to attend health fairs.”

“Be sure you are partnering with quality vendors. The most popular vendors are those who offer screenings, such as foot examinations. Be certain that providers at health fairs are in the network of the insurance plans offered.”

Planning a health fair can be time-consuming. Third-party vendors charge from $500 to $1,200, RiskProNet members reported.

Should the insurance broker pay for a health fair or will clients pay the bill? “We usually pay for it as an added value to our clients,” one person said.


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