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Claims Managers Discuss Outsourcing

RiskProNet members have been satisfactorily outsourcing tasks ranging from front-end reporting to compiling quarterly reports to ReSourcePro, Claims Practice Group members agreed at their recent teleconference.

These were among the comments at the teleconference, which also looked at whether and when agencies should charge for claims services. We’ll discuss this topic in another post.

On ReSourcePro:

  • “We use ReSourcePro for claims services back-end work, checking certificates and policies and benefits.”
  • “In personal lines, they help with online quoting, sending out company news, claims information retrieval and insurance scheduling.”
  • “They compile quarterly reports for our clients and also check on the status of claims.”
  • “ReSourcePro processed 498 status reports for us last year.”
  • “Commercial lines uses them for policy-checking, online retrieval, selected one-time projects, and follow-up on endorsements and pending policies.”
  • “We like the fact that they are always reviewing work they are doing for us to see if it can be streamlined.”
  • “We previously were backlogged on policy-checking. Now we can send policies out within 30 days of receipt.”
  • “We’ve set up an email address with our company name. Inquiries go to ReSourcePro as well as two of our internal addresses. They start working about 4:30 a.m. our time and process any pending claims. It’s smooth and seamless.”


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