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Workforce Management a Key Function of HR

Human resource managers discussed the importance of workforce analysis as part of the management process and the results can be an eye opener. Most agencies had not conducted an analysis, but all RiskProNet members on a Human Resources Practice Group teleconference this year agreed that the aging workforce is a major concern.

Here are some of the comments:

“I once thought that replacement planning was only for leadership, but I’ve realized that we need to recruit and develop employees for all roles through the agency.”

“We have incentives for retiring producers to train junior producers to take over their books. Producers get a reduced commission for five years after they leave, and their replacements have established books of business.”

“The tight job market means we need to be more flexible about requirements. If we used to require five years of experience, we now may consider a strong candidate with three to four years.”

“In terms of recruiting new employees, I used to pass over people who moved every year or two. Now I asked them questions about why they moved and what would it take to persuade them to say in a job longer. We are transparent about career progression and future opportunities and salary.”

“When we recruit in colleges, we look not only at insurance majors but also at sales, marketing and finance degrees.”

“It takes three to six years to train employees for the next step on the career ladder. We identify the needed skills and provide training.”

“The Invest program is a way to reach out to high school students to interest them in insurance at an early age.”



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