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‘Drones & Camera Phones Replacing Adjustors’

Camera phones and drones may replace human insurance adjustors over the next decade — and 3D modeling may reduce the need for expert witnesses. These were among the predictions from David Princeton, P&C claim lead at M3 Insurance at this month’s Construction Practice Group teleconference.

One carrier, he told the group, is piloting Facebook messenger as a way to handle personal lines claims quickly. Callers receive a push notification through Facebook messenger that gives them access to a camera. They scan the camera over damaged property, and artificial intelligence compiles an estimate in the background. Carriers can fund the claim instantly through PayPal or Apple Pay.

“Clients get instant gratification,” Princeton said, “but the broker is losing an opportunity to create customer satisfaction.

“This kind of technology is here to stay,” he added. “I know one claims rep for a large national carrier who was told to expect claims to be completely automated within 15 years. He himself already has a pilot’s license to operate a drone to survey damaged property.”

Claims professionals also are turning to 3-D printing and modeling. Princeton discussed one case where 3D modeling showed that a person who suffered a spinal injury previously had a degenerative condition. The initial $2.5 million claim was settled for $75,000. “There was no need to rely on blurred images and a witness on a stand,” Princeton said.

“These changes mean that we need to reorganize our value proposition now,” he told the group. “Technology like this will be commonplace in the next few years. We will need more advocacy professionals rather than administrative professionals.”

For a RiskProNet white paper on drones, contact Executive Director Gary Normington.

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