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Summer Challenges Discussed at Personal Lines Conference Call

George Pester, VP Private Client Group at JKJ and chair of the Personal Lines Managers Practice Group, led a roundtable discussion at a recent conference call on “Summer Challenges” including, managing staff vacations, production challenges, client issue, premium disruption and weather (hurricane season).

One new business initiative was particularly creative. JKJ teamed up with a wealth advisor, and each company invited a dozen clients to a one-hour putting lesson at a local country club, followed by a cocktail hour. It was billed as a client appreciation event rather than a sales presentation and proved to be a successful way to meet prospects.

JKJ also has purchased baseball tickets and receives tickets as part of its sponsorship of a local theater. Calling a client to offer a free ticket to an event is a low-key way of keeping in touch, and clients appreciate it, Pester said said.

Sales Contest

One member has instituted a summer sales contest with gift certificates toward a cruise and air fare as first and second prizes.

To encourage everyone – not just top producers – to participate, all staff members receive a ticket to be entered into a drawing each time they bring in a new account. The company as a whole must achieve a 5 percent revenue growth, plus enough extra to cover the cost of the contest, for the prizes to be awarded. Cross-selling and up-selling, such as an adding an umbrella to an existing account, qualify for tickets for the drawing. Increasing the limits on an existing policy does not qualify.

Quiet Time

A formal “quiet time” is helping one agency maintain productivity in the summer months. Summer work hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. instead of the usually 8-5, and the phones are turned off until 8:30 a.m. This is meant as a quiet time to catch up on the things that never gone finished the day before because of interruptions. Lunch periods are reduced from 60 to 45 minutes, and employees get an extra half-day off every third week. The program has been popular with employees, and has had minimal impact on clients, as few phone calls typically come in between 4:30 and 5 p.m.

Condominium Owners as Prospects

One agency teamed up with a condominium association it insures to offer seminars explaining to condo owners exactly what the association insurance covers and what the individual owners need to insure. The invitation was a postcard with a photo of the entrance to the condos, a picture guaranteed to attract attention.

Temporary Employees

Several agencies have found college students to be a good source of temporary employees.

Refrigerator Magnets as Vacation Reminders

Send refrigerator magnets with agency contact information to clients. If they are going on vacation and have a friend caring for their house, remind the friend to call the agency if they find any signs of damage.

Electric Bicycles

Standard homeowners’ policies often fail to cover bicycles that have an electric motor to give riders a boost up hills. Be sure to ask your clients and prospects whether they are properly insured if they have e-bikes. Electric skateboards present similar challenges. One RiskProNet member suggested Markel as a source for insuring electric bicycles.